Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today was a productive day. Got some domestic items done early in the day, ran some errands, blah blah blah.
Got home and spent some quality time in the shop. After all, the YZ cylinder wasn't going to walk over to the bike and bolt itself down, I'd have to get involved. And it is ice season!

Here's the top end as it came out of the box from Forward Motion. They treat their customers right!

I should have taken a 'before" picture, but I was too embarrassed. The center of the port had a lot of metal missing. I'm going to be a lot more careful with jetting this time around.

The patient..

Looking good so far.

Looking better.

I had to take a break for dinner and more domestic chores, so I went back out later and got the cooling system installed. Carb, bodywork, ice fenders to follow. Should be on the ice on Sunday.

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