Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Thursday ride...

that is, the last organized Thursday ride of the season, was at Denver's track up near Highgate. We rode there about three weeks ago for the first time. This is a pretty short track that features a prominent ridge along the length of the east side and a mixed woods lower flat section. When we run it counter-clockwise it's a slowish kind of "technical" track. When we reverse direction and run clockwise it's a very quick, flowing course, almost a motocross track.
Fun either way, but you get your speed on going clockwise.
Here are the vids,

This is the entry to the ridge when we run counter-clockwise. It's a pretty steep climb with a drop at the top, trees and steep drops on either side.

Another view, following the bikes coming out of the woods exit and back to the ridge entry. I think you have Scott Armstrong on the Beta, Denver on his RMZ and Jim on a YZ?

Here's a view from the top of the ridge.

Another clip, Calef on his WR.

Here are some turns on the ridge. Jay and Randy.

Common courtesy, and a good survival skill, pull over and let the fast guy through.

Here are some clips of the lower section. Randy and Jay.


And finally, running clockwise, later in the day.

Denver and his wife Jessica have been great hosts, food and drink after riding and a campfire to warm up. I regret not taking photos, I guess I had food, beer and campfire on my mind. Oh well, here's Scott Armstrong anyway.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Thursday Night Ride

Hey, despite the weather predictions, we did manage a Thursday ride at the home track. Yup, 69 Bixby Hill. Rees and Calef came early and walked the track with me and helped with arrows and some re-routing. By the time we got back to the house Tom Butland and Seth (Tracy?) had arrived so we decided it was time to ride.

The leaves are down now, so the track is really tough to read. Roots, rock edges and minor irregularities are hidden, so there are plenty of surprises as you go along. I had more than my share of crashes and mishaps during the several laps I got in.

Tom is a trials rider, a member of the Green Mountain Plonkers, and he was riding his trials bike tonight. He very graciously offered it up to us to try as well. Most of us took him up on it. The last time I rode a trials bike, I came away with a separated shoulder. This time I kept it under control and had a lot of fun with it...in the driveway.

Here's some vid of Tom and Rees on the trials bike, and Calef losing his way...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shameless Sideburn Promo

I have to admit that if it weren't for these guys, you wouldn't be wasting your time on my blog 'cause I wouldn't have a blog.

click the pic...

Thanks guys, hope you sell a ton. (tonne, in England?)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

NEMM season wrap-up

NEMM round 6 photos

We had the last race of the season today at the Graniteville track. The day started off pretty cold, I think when Bill and I left the house at 9:30 it was still around 30 degrees. I was just hoping to survive the day without any major crashes, I knew the grip would be pretty poor. As it turned out, once we ran a couple practices the temp started coming up and it wasn't too bad.

We had some great heat races for Sport Cup, XR100 Cup and a new class for Seniors (Age 41 and up). I can't remember which heats had some of the best racing since we ran them back to back. There was some great action, especially on the starts heading into turn one and the jump. I think I won the Sport Cup heat, Bill won the Senior heat and the XR100 Cup heat was a crash fest.

The Sport Cup feature went well for me, I got over the jump in first place and held on for the win. I also sewed up 2nd place for the season. Go me. Furthermore, it was decided by Bill that I would retain the MERT, even though I suggested that he'd earned it for his heat race win. He overruled me based on my feature win and overall finishes...

After chasing Bill for the entire heat race in the Senior class, I was looking forward to another battle in the feature. Unfortunately we got an ugly start with wheelies and missed shifts, Johnny Branson took off and we straggled along behind. I think I took 2nd and Bill was either 3rd or 4th.

The XR100 Cup feature also went pretty well for me, I got over the jump in 4th place behind JD, John Donovan and Johnny Branson. They gapped me a little, but I had a good gap behind me as well. Johnny B. took an off course adventure which put me into 3rd and I finished there.

Here's some video from the Premier feature.

A huge thanks to Aaron (and friends) for putting this whole thing together. It was a really fun race series. Can't wait to see what next season brings.

This is Aaron presenting the Premier Class Championship Trophy to Jeremy DeGrasse.

Caferacer.net, NEMM, what's next?

Monday, October 12, 2009

WVR Oct 10, TT race...fast young kids

This is a TT race at Winchendon. I don't know the class, basically young 'uns on mini's.

As you can see, they start on the front straight, go through turns 1 & 2 onto the back straight about 1/2 length, then turn 180 deg. left to infield right decreasing radius sweeper, over a roller that brings them to turn 4 of the oval, left and down the front straight to start another lap.

WVR Oct 10, 450 Expert

This is a heat race, 450 Expert. I can't remember the riders names other than Asa Irish, I believe is #57 and I think Dave Casey is riding #98.

Local talent.

Here's a look at the tail end of another heat race, exit T4...

Last flattrack race of the season

Well I got one more chance to race the XT500 before I put it away for the season. I hadn't realized that the Oct. 10 race was a night race until I got a couple calls during the week asking if I was coming down. I loaded the bike and took my chances that it might be slow enough at work that I could leave a tad early. It was, I did.

But I missed practice and the heat race for Senior "B", in fact I was just barely able to suit up and get the bike fired in time to catch the Vintage heat race. I must have been pretty amped up, 'cause I rolled over the line a little early and got sent back to the penalty line. No big deal though, 'cause there were a couple restarts and I was able to get into a better position for them. Once we got a good race going I was in 3rd place behind Bucky on his TT500, and Mark Methe leading the way on his Husky. That's the way we finished. When we pulled off the track I pitted next to Bucky. He got his helmet off and asked me who the hell kept on bumping him in the turns. I had to sheepishly admit it was me, the turns were so greasy I kept sliding up into him, quite by accident. He took it well once I explained myself, others might not have gotten off so easy.

So the Senior "B" feature race comes up and since I missed the heat race I had to start on the 2nd line. I got a decent start though, and soon enough I was in 3rd place and gaining on the leaders. I actually caught them coming off the back straight into 3, and realized I was going in a little too hot. I should have run out a little deeper into the turn, instead I tried cutting inside of 'em, hit one of the marker cones and did a slow motion low side loop into the turn. Damn. I got up and finished the race but I don't know what my position was.

As I'm pulling off the track I realize that once again, I have no brake. It felt a little funny during the feature but I figured I'd adjust it for the next race. What I found though, was that this time the lock pin holding the rod to the pedal pivot was missing. The rod was just dangling off the swing arm. The Vintage race was coming up in two races so I didn't have time to do anything but remove the arm and race Vintage with no brakes. By this time the track had tacked up a bit, I knew I could ride around in the cushion without taking anybody out.

In the Vintage feature race I didn't have a great start which meant I had to let everybody settle in before I could really attack. I came out of turn 2 in 4th place behind a Moto Guzzi, Bucky and Mark. It took me a few laps to ride around the Guzzi and then I just relaxed and enjoyed sliding around in 3rd till the checkers. I'll take it.

Loaded, battle weary, I still love this bike.

It was great catching up with some of the crew from previous years racing, all asking about Scott and how's he doing. And of course Pete and Connie are the best.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Shameless Promotion

No shame in trying to help out Sideways Promotions, enablers of your flattracking habit...
So here it is, direct from Sideways Pete;

Please list these events on your forums, club, websites etc

WVR appreciates your help as we need a good turnout to get through wintah’s mortgage payments J



Swap Meet, Motorcycle Races, Bucky Thunder Monster Truck Jack O’ Lantern Smash, RC exhibitions, $100 Wheelie Contest, $100 Best Halloween Costume Award, CLASSES: Amt, Exp $$, Youth 50cc, Youth 65/85cc, Senior 30+, 100-160cc Air Cooled 4 stroke Am + Pro, Vintage, and Dino Short Track & TT. Queen of Dirt & THUNDER CLOWNZ, Entertainment by Ron Jones 12-4

Gates Open 11, Practice 4:30 Adults $10, Kids 10-15 $5, Under 10 Free! Adults Leaving Before 5 Get Back $5. Vendors Pay $10 Gate Fee Only ------ Race Entry Fee $35 ------ 99DB Limit


Frozen T-Shirt Contest 2 pm, Short Track Practice 4:30pm, races 5:00, Wheelie Contest, Queen of Dirt Short Track, Monster Truck Jack O’ Lantern Smash, TT Races, Damn Costume Contest, Thunder Clownz Race

10-31 Wachusett Valley Riders “N”DURANCE CROSS

October 31st. WVR is branching out into the enduro cross competition. We are going to haul in new clay and then make the nastiest hare scrambles course inside the arena. Rocks, logs, loader tires and a real mud hole, no namby pamby birdbath, but a real bike swallowing ‘tucky hole plus some secret surprises! Practice starts at 4 and the races at 6. Classes: 160 and smaller air-cooled 4 Stroke. Novice, Amt$. Exp$. and Pro$ are run what ya brung cc. A trophy for the pro winner guaranteed your significant other won’t let you put it in your living room!
Who will be the King of Toy Town? Class Sizes Limited, Email for Pre Entry

Gate Fee Adults $10, Kids 10-15 $5, Under 10 Free!

Race Entry $35, Payouts: Trophys Mini 4 Stroke & Nov, Amt $75, 50, 25. Exp $100, 75, 50. Pro $200, 150, 100

Wachusett Valley Riders Club Rt 12 Winchendon Ma

99db limit

www.sidewayspromo.com 978-874-1732 email peterg11@verizon.net

Bettencourts auction and open house November 21.