Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Thursday ride...

that is, the last organized Thursday ride of the season, was at Denver's track up near Highgate. We rode there about three weeks ago for the first time. This is a pretty short track that features a prominent ridge along the length of the east side and a mixed woods lower flat section. When we run it counter-clockwise it's a slowish kind of "technical" track. When we reverse direction and run clockwise it's a very quick, flowing course, almost a motocross track.
Fun either way, but you get your speed on going clockwise.
Here are the vids,

This is the entry to the ridge when we run counter-clockwise. It's a pretty steep climb with a drop at the top, trees and steep drops on either side.

Another view, following the bikes coming out of the woods exit and back to the ridge entry. I think you have Scott Armstrong on the Beta, Denver on his RMZ and Jim on a YZ?

Here's a view from the top of the ridge.

Another clip, Calef on his WR.

Here are some turns on the ridge. Jay and Randy.

Common courtesy, and a good survival skill, pull over and let the fast guy through.

Here are some clips of the lower section. Randy and Jay.


And finally, running clockwise, later in the day.

Denver and his wife Jessica have been great hosts, food and drink after riding and a campfire to warm up. I regret not taking photos, I guess I had food, beer and campfire on my mind. Oh well, here's Scott Armstrong anyway.

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