Wednesday, November 26, 2008

XL600 Street tracker

Here's one of my fav's. It's an '86 Honda XL600. When I got it, it was completely stock. I rode it that way for a season, on the road and in the woods a bit, but it always felt a bit tall and heavy in the woods. I finally took a fall on it, broke my clavicle, and decided it needed a new life as a 'tracker.
I had a friend, Rich Beauregard, do the work. Omar's tank, custom seat, exhaust, suspension and controls, and a great paint job, all by Rich.
My son and I have raced this on several half miles as well as some shorttracks. I've also done a season of Supermotard with it. Fun.
In this pic it has ice tires on it. We were just having fun hacking around, no fenders or tether kill switch...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ice chipper...

The business end of an outlaw Canadian ice tire. Best advice, treat with respect...that dog will bite.

Bill's Trackmaster

'80s Trackmaster frame with a late '80s KX125, DG pipe, Flanders bars, Grimeca brake, quick change rear wheel, WP shocks. Custom Pinstripe.
A gem.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More of the same

Here's some vid from the same day at Arrowhead. Me on my 300, Matt on his 450, Mike on his CR250 and Seamus on the XR500. You'll see Matt take an ice sample just when things are getting interesting. You'll also see Matt's son bombing around the road course on his annoyingly loud KTM 65. "Annoyingly loud" isn't really fair when you consider what we're riding, but when you're standing around, trying to catch your breathe after a bunch of laps, helmet off, and the boy is still out there doing lap after lap...well you may get annoyed with something..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brain Freeze

Well, the flattrack season ended quietly. I haven't raced since the Jolly Roger event.
Instead, I've been getting as much seat time as possible on my KTM in the woods. Mainly local rides at Matt's in Milton or Fred's in Westford. It's been great, but now I need to perform some maintenance on the bike in preparation for the upcoming Ice season.
Here are some images from earlier this year, for inspiration. Top is Matt on his 450, middle is Seamus on his '82 XR500, and bottom is Mike on his '82 CR250. All at Lake Arrowhead in Milton, Feb 26.