Saturday, February 27, 2010

CD Sportspix

These were purchased after the race weekend from the this guy's website. You can find pics of your favorite New York/New England racers on his site, very reasonable prices and great service through SmugMug. All very sanitary, never met the photographer, but he posts pics of the bikes based on rider number or name.

Here's the address

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sandbar ups and downs

I took the KTM to the Sandbar today to ride with Mike and Seamus. We had to plow a track this time, since we've had a little snow. So fine, we plow a nice "paperclip" 1/4 mile track with Seamus's wheeler, and commence to ripping some laps. I think I got 8 or so laps in before my rear tire self destructed. Faack. I was hoping to get through the rest of the season with it before I switched to an AMA set, but I guess today was the "rest of the season".
Well anyway, here's what the rest of the day looked like....

This is mike on his CR250 and Seamus on the KX500.

This is Mike and Seamus on the freshly plowed oval.

Mike taking the stylish inside line.

This is Mike and me, I'm on the KX and it's kicking my ass.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lake George 3

Here are some heat races from Sunday. This is the 450 Expert class, heats 1 and 2.
You'll probably have to cut and paste the links. Sorry....



Lake George 2, a few ice racers

A nice pair of KX500s.... a line of bikes in the sun.... some cool looking quads with sand tires... and some front line 450s... I love strolling through the pits.

Lake George Ice Racing weekend

I just got back from the Lake George Winter Carnival, where once again I've blown up the YZ 125. It wasn't a total loss this time since I did manage to get a full day of racing in on Saturday, but the point of the weekend was to have Scott race the bike with me on Sunday, and unfortunately he only got one practice session in before the piston gave in. It's my fault, I was ignoring the clear evidence that the bike was still too lean, mainly because I didn't have any more jets to try, and it turned out that while I got away with it on Saturday, Sunday morning was just cold enough to put it over the edge.
For the racing on Saturday I entered the "Senior B" and 125CC classes. I figured I'd be racing against young kids in the 125 class, and I knew Senior B would be a fast class, but maybe I'd be able to give somebody a good race. Turned out that most of the guys racing 125 were in fact adults, so I was pleased to see that. But I wasn't wrong about the Senior B class, 15 bikes in the field and they pretty much left me from the start. A few of 'em crashed in both the heat and feature, so I didn't finish last, but I was racing by myself.
The 125 class was a little more fun, with 6 bikes on the line. I had a bad start in the heat race, so I was in 4th after the first lap and couldn't catch the leaders. I resolved to be merciless with the clutch in the feature, so I came off the line a little better and held on to 3rd for the duration of the race.

I still need to lower the suspension a bit.

Here's Scott, this was his flattracker, then woods/moto bike, now ice racer.

A smaller turn out for Sunday, but still a good amount of bikes. There were many more quads than in this photo.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vintage Ice Racer

This was one of the only vintage bikes at the races this weekend, so I had to take a closer look. As you can see at first glance, it's an Astro. But it has a Kawasaki engine in it, which was a popular conversion in the eighties. Some would call it a Bultakaw. I prefer to call it a Kastro.
Anyway, this is built owned and raced by Glen, of Glen's Autobody. Nice guy.

Among the many mods on this bike, Glen ran an extra long length of coolant hose from the cylinder, under the seat and back to the pump, to help make up for running only one radiator.

This is some creative frame modification to accommodate the exhaust.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm getting tired of the video problems on this blog, so I'm just going to put the newest ones on youtube and you can check 'em out at the top video bar.
I finally figured out how to export videos from iMovie without compressing them to death, so you can watch some footage from Winchendon last year.
It's the Vintage feature, I started on the back line 'cause I missed the heat race. The race was red flagged about half way through. I split the video into part 1 and part 2 when I first started editing it, so that's the way it is on youtube.

Here are the links, you'll have to copy and paste 'em to your browser, 'cause the google blog hyperlink doesn't work;




Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sandbar road course

This is some video of the road course we laid out. Mostly 3rd and 4th gear with a couple slower sections. I'm on my 300 and Matt smokes me on his 450. He's fast on an oval, road course, motocross or single-track.


See earlier post for 1/4 mile oval action.

Google is having trouble with my vids, click on the youtube link, or copy and paste it if it doesn't redirect you. The youtube video is much better quality anyway.