Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sandbar ups and downs

I took the KTM to the Sandbar today to ride with Mike and Seamus. We had to plow a track this time, since we've had a little snow. So fine, we plow a nice "paperclip" 1/4 mile track with Seamus's wheeler, and commence to ripping some laps. I think I got 8 or so laps in before my rear tire self destructed. Faack. I was hoping to get through the rest of the season with it before I switched to an AMA set, but I guess today was the "rest of the season".
Well anyway, here's what the rest of the day looked like....

This is mike on his CR250 and Seamus on the KX500.

This is Mike and Seamus on the freshly plowed oval.

Mike taking the stylish inside line.

This is Mike and me, I'm on the KX and it's kicking my ass.


  1. That's a really nice pictcha you got there.

  2. Thanks, Scott showed me how to do the color correction, make a big difference!