Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Harrington Half Mile

Here are some pics I took in the pits at Harrington. Sandy and I had been going to lots of races during the early '80s, IMSA, F1, SCCA, AMA Roadrace, Indy Car, even Nascar. We saw races all over the Northeast, Pocono, Trenton Speedway, Montreal, Lime Rock, Watkins Glen. I'd never seen any national event that seemed so homespun as this. But the racing was incredible. Somehow it didn't compute.

The weapon of choice for most..

A sweet Honda framer

A well sorted SR500 framer

Privateer Honda's

For some of the racing shots, go back to my earliest posts. I took photos of some slides and posted them. The slides were taken with my Minolta SG, I don't know what camera I used for these photos, maybe my Voitlander?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Englishtown New Jersey, Raceway Park!

I took these photos sometime in the early '80s. I think this might have been a Spring National event. I'll add some photos later. This was just before the track got a major overhaul to keep it's National status. New grandstands, timing and scoring tower, pit walls, all came shortly after.

This is the staging area before the water box. You can see a blue '55 Chevy sedan just coming off the line with the wheels off the ground. This guy was dialed all weekend!

Pro-Stock multi time champion Bob Glidden, in his hideously ugly/fast Ford Fairmont.

Classic match-up, Camaro vs. 'Cuda

Another hotrod Pinto.
And I just noticed, we have an Elvis sighting!

Here's a B/A "Altered" dragster. I never knew how they stuctured these classes. Blown/Alcohol maybe?

Love the Opel GT...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Watkins Glen

There was a time when Formula One was much more accessible to the average race fan. I'm sure we paid more than $5 to get in, but the camping ticket seems pretty reasonable.

Here's Jody Scheckter driving a Ferrari 312 T5 up the "boot" on the back side of the track.

After the race, they put these transport wheels on.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wrack & Ruin

We had another strong windstorm blow through this week, gusts over 60mph were predicted. Came home to a substantial Oak tree blown down across the driveway. Got that cleaned up and cut for firewood for Seamus.

Then I took a walk in the woods today, and found that most of my single track motorcycle trail is now blocked by more trees. With any luck, the neighbor/landowner will take a lot of the damaged trees this winter when he logs the lot.