Monday, January 28, 2013


Got out on the ice yesterday for the first time this season, on Arrowhead Lake. I was lacking motivation until we got a solid week of sub-zero nights and no snow. I figured the ice had to be pretty good, and sure enough it was. Just a little 1/4" layer of snow on top in spots, but still pretty fresh and smooth.

Anyway, Rees and Cameron Harris came out, as well as Matt and his son Jarek, who hasn't ridden a bike since he outgrew his KTM 65. He's as big as his dad now.

Matt and Jarek


Cam started to figure the bike and the oval out. He got to the inevitable point where once he got in front of me, I couldn't catch him. I'll blame it on my AMA screws vs his Canadian screws.

After a break, we decided to turn right for awhile...

I tried a little foot up in the turn riding, which is different/fun/scary on an oval.