Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Great weekend

It would be hard to exaggerate how great this past weekend was! Scott flew up from Brooklyn, and Hannah was here, and we really packed a lot in. Some of the highlights;

On Saturday, Scott and Hannah and I met Seamus and Jay at Matt's place in Milton for some epic trail riding. Matt very graciously loaned Scott his YZ250F to ride, and Matt drove his dune buggy down to the moto track for a few laps. Seamus, Jay and Scott took off on the woods loop while Hannah and I did some laps on the track. Matt gave Hannah a ride in the buggy as well. When the guys returned I went for a ride on the woods loop with them and Hannah stayed on the track to work on her moto technique.

Seamus gettin' some on the powerline.

Group photo, taken by Jay.

On Sunday the family headed over to Hunter Farm to shoot some clays. In my case it was more like shoot at some clays, I missed most of 'em. Jay and Ben Danger eventually found their way over and joined us.

The latest fashion trend at the Gun Club....leather jackets

After shooting a case of 12G shells and a couple boxes of 410, we headed home for lunch.

Bonfire was next on the list, with some XR200 seat time thrown in...

Sandy got lots of garden clean-up done.

Who can resist a motorcycle fire jump? Scott couldn't.