Thursday, December 7, 2017

Malta Dirt Track

These pics are from Malta New York a few years ago. I went down there thinking this was a half mile track, it isn't. I think it's a 1/4 mile around the inside. Fast and rough, I broke my ankle in the first practice but since it was a long drive down there I decided to race through the pain.
I ran the XT in whatever Vintage class they had, and the CRF450 in some senior class.
They were both fast classes and I never got the final results because I was in too much pain to stick around and wait for the promotors (Electric City) to tally results.
I'm sorry I can't remember the photographer to give him credit, I found these on the web much later. I do remember this race, bad start and picking my way through the back of the pack on the XT500.
The Senior race was a blur, really fast and hairy.

Wish I knew whether I got past #611!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

I'm going through a box that's been in the closet for years. I sorta knew what was in it, but I'd also sorta forgot what was in it. Well anyway, here are some old racing T's that couldn't be turned into rags just yet...
This is from Pocono, early '80s with Gene Romero as the marquee rider. Don't know who the others were.

Mountain Roadracing Association (sic). I got to flag a couple events for these guys in Pueblo Colorado, while I was attending Denver Institute of Technology, class of '78(?). My roommate was in the Motorcycle Mechanic School there, and his instructor was a racer. In fact the instructor was the one who introduced me to the Yamaha TT500, which is what he raced. Total badass. On the front of the T is Scott Sharp, the previous year's champion, racing an RD350. Also total badass.

1982 Freemansburg Hillclimb
This was probably bought at a fleamarket, 'cause I loved the Bultaco logo. Would love to own one.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Riding the River

This past Thursday, Fred and I took our XR100's out on the Browns River. I should preface that by mentioning that we had done some prep work last week. There had been a couple big willow trees that had fallen across the river, and we had to wait for it to freeze enough so that we could stand in/on the river and cut away the branches. At that time there were still some patches of snow on the ice, it was rideable with the XR100's but we ran out of time.

So with that work done we were prepared to try it as soon as we had the right conditions. Well, Sunday we had a thaw coupled with some rain, and the river rose about 6 or so inches and refroze. It was perfect. We didn't want to take the big bikes out yet, so we ventured out on the 100's and had a blast.

We headed north, and stopped just short of a small rocky section with open water. The river is only knee deep here.

This is a VAST snowmobile trail intersection near the river, I wanted to see how far north we were. 2 miles north of the Essex town line.

The white spots are big ice crystals, really cool effect when you put your foot down and slide through 'em.

This is as far south as we got, I've skied in these farm fields from my house. Total straight line distance was roughly 3 or so miles, but river riding distance was probably more like 5.