Thursday, May 28, 2009

Race prep

I spent most of the day in the garage today, trying to get two bikes ready for the races this weekend. The XR100 was first on the list. I picked up the cam chain and sprocket, got those installed, valves adjusted, and then I wasted a bunch of time trying to get the ignition timing set while I had the engine on the bench. I used to be able to do that without much fuss, but today it just wasn't making sense. I finally gave up and put the engine in the frame, rejetted the carb, installed the exhaust, tank and seat, and tried to start it. No spark. I knew I should have just left the points alone but I just couldn't help it. Anyway, after frigging around with it for awhile I took a dinner break, went back out, fiddled with some wires, got spark, threw the tank and seat back on and bump started it before it could change it's mind. Success.
I suspect the timing is still off, but at least it runs. I can try to get it right at the track, or maybe before I head out Sat. morning.
Next up was the XT500. I changed the rear sprocket and while I had the wheel off I decided to flip the tire to the fresh side. As always, those dirt tires would rather stay right where they are thank you very much, especially when they've been on the same rim for a couple seasons. I did get it done, but I have to see if the beads seated properly, I'll check it in the morning.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Track

Here are a bunch of short vids of my home track. Seamus and Scott O came over to ride, we "volunteered" Scott O to be the videographer, using my A300, so don't blame him for the quality.


The XR100 is going to be back on the race track! It has been a long time, probably 8 years anyway, since this bike has actually been raced. It hasn't been idle...no, not at all; ice bike, guest bike, yard bike, pit bike, mini-moto bike. It's been ridden every year we've had it. In fact it was due for an overhaul, which it won't really get, but at least the engine will get freshened up. Here's how it looked Sunday morning, exactly one week before race day.

I got a BBR 120cc kit for the engine; new cylinder and piston, cam, rockers and valve springs. Pulled the engine, got the new piston and cylinder on with some help from Sandy, got the new valve springs installed with some help from Hannah. (Finally got to use the valve spring compressor that Scott got me for Christmas about 5 or 6 years ago!)

I was about ready to install the rockers and cam. I got the cam drive sprocket out of the plastic bag I'd put it in, took a closer look at it and realized it was shot. The gear teeth look like saw teeth.

Now I have to order up a new gear and chain, I should probably replace the valves while I'm at it. And I still need a rear tire. I was going to change the fork oil too.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Santini

This isn't totally unrelated to motorcycles. This past Sunday, Sandy, Hannah and I drove down to Brooklyn in the Ranger (ugh) to visit Scott and deliver his VFR and the TS100. He's got plans for both bikes, short range cafe/city mission for the TS100, long range interceptor mission for the um...interceptor.

We met up with Scott, dropped the bikes off at his rental space, collected my CL450 wheel from Geeto67 (thanks dude), and proceeded to check out a little bit of Brooklyn/NYC. Some of that included shopping, riding the Subway, walking and birding through Prospect Park (saw lots of warblers and other songbirds), and had some great meals.

Scott and I stopped in at 6th Street Specials and visited with Hugh for a while, great bench racing there with the promise of some real seat time for Scott later this summer.

Anyway, long story longer, we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Tuesday morning. Walked around, enjoying the trees and shrubs. Took a detour through a semi crowded side entrance, Hannah and Sandy were leading the way and a nice man stood aside to let them through. I glanced at him and instantly recognised him. Robert Duval, looking pretty much like any other tourist, taking his time cruising through the place. I'm a big fan, but I realized he wouldn't want to be mobbed by me or anyone else. I did ask him how he was doing as I walked past, and he replied "Alright", so I guess he's alright.

Monday, May 4, 2009

We didn't go...

To the Turkey Run in Rhode Island. The weather forecast was kind of iffy, so Seamus and I decided to not spend two tanks of gas plus entry fees plus 10 hours of driving to run in the rain. Instead we ran a few laps on the (newly) extended single-track on my neighbor's land, then we went to his place and worked on his track. I didn't think to bring the camera to his place. The track is coming along nicely, we built a pallet bridge over a particularly muddy bog. I'll get vids next time.

Anyway, here's the birdhouse turn on my track, looking like it should.

And here's a nice section of single-track, you drop in from a downhill over pine needles, roll through and gas the little rise to a couple more just like it, but different...