Monday, May 25, 2009


The XR100 is going to be back on the race track! It has been a long time, probably 8 years anyway, since this bike has actually been raced. It hasn't been idle...no, not at all; ice bike, guest bike, yard bike, pit bike, mini-moto bike. It's been ridden every year we've had it. In fact it was due for an overhaul, which it won't really get, but at least the engine will get freshened up. Here's how it looked Sunday morning, exactly one week before race day.

I got a BBR 120cc kit for the engine; new cylinder and piston, cam, rockers and valve springs. Pulled the engine, got the new piston and cylinder on with some help from Sandy, got the new valve springs installed with some help from Hannah. (Finally got to use the valve spring compressor that Scott got me for Christmas about 5 or 6 years ago!)

I was about ready to install the rockers and cam. I got the cam drive sprocket out of the plastic bag I'd put it in, took a closer look at it and realized it was shot. The gear teeth look like saw teeth.

Now I have to order up a new gear and chain, I should probably replace the valves while I'm at it. And I still need a rear tire. I was going to change the fork oil too.

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