Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Santini

This isn't totally unrelated to motorcycles. This past Sunday, Sandy, Hannah and I drove down to Brooklyn in the Ranger (ugh) to visit Scott and deliver his VFR and the TS100. He's got plans for both bikes, short range cafe/city mission for the TS100, long range interceptor mission for the um...interceptor.

We met up with Scott, dropped the bikes off at his rental space, collected my CL450 wheel from Geeto67 (thanks dude), and proceeded to check out a little bit of Brooklyn/NYC. Some of that included shopping, riding the Subway, walking and birding through Prospect Park (saw lots of warblers and other songbirds), and had some great meals.

Scott and I stopped in at 6th Street Specials and visited with Hugh for a while, great bench racing there with the promise of some real seat time for Scott later this summer.

Anyway, long story longer, we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on Tuesday morning. Walked around, enjoying the trees and shrubs. Took a detour through a semi crowded side entrance, Hannah and Sandy were leading the way and a nice man stood aside to let them through. I glanced at him and instantly recognised him. Robert Duval, looking pretty much like any other tourist, taking his time cruising through the place. I'm a big fan, but I realized he wouldn't want to be mobbed by me or anyone else. I did ask him how he was doing as I walked past, and he replied "Alright", so I guess he's alright.

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