Thursday, May 28, 2009

Race prep

I spent most of the day in the garage today, trying to get two bikes ready for the races this weekend. The XR100 was first on the list. I picked up the cam chain and sprocket, got those installed, valves adjusted, and then I wasted a bunch of time trying to get the ignition timing set while I had the engine on the bench. I used to be able to do that without much fuss, but today it just wasn't making sense. I finally gave up and put the engine in the frame, rejetted the carb, installed the exhaust, tank and seat, and tried to start it. No spark. I knew I should have just left the points alone but I just couldn't help it. Anyway, after frigging around with it for awhile I took a dinner break, went back out, fiddled with some wires, got spark, threw the tank and seat back on and bump started it before it could change it's mind. Success.
I suspect the timing is still off, but at least it runs. I can try to get it right at the track, or maybe before I head out Sat. morning.
Next up was the XT500. I changed the rear sprocket and while I had the wheel off I decided to flip the tire to the fresh side. As always, those dirt tires would rather stay right where they are thank you very much, especially when they've been on the same rim for a couple seasons. I did get it done, but I have to see if the beads seated properly, I'll check it in the morning.

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