Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Thursday Night Ride

Hey, despite the weather predictions, we did manage a Thursday ride at the home track. Yup, 69 Bixby Hill. Rees and Calef came early and walked the track with me and helped with arrows and some re-routing. By the time we got back to the house Tom Butland and Seth (Tracy?) had arrived so we decided it was time to ride.

The leaves are down now, so the track is really tough to read. Roots, rock edges and minor irregularities are hidden, so there are plenty of surprises as you go along. I had more than my share of crashes and mishaps during the several laps I got in.

Tom is a trials rider, a member of the Green Mountain Plonkers, and he was riding his trials bike tonight. He very graciously offered it up to us to try as well. Most of us took him up on it. The last time I rode a trials bike, I came away with a separated shoulder. This time I kept it under control and had a lot of fun with it...in the driveway.

Here's some vid of Tom and Rees on the trials bike, and Calef losing his way...

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