Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Military...

After looking at tanks and cannons, we drove over to the airport to visit the static display at the Air Guard. The Vermont Air National Guard has flown these planes, as well as some not pictured here.

T33 trainer

F94 Starfire

F89 Scorpion

F16A "Fighting Falcon", but no pilot calls it that. They call it the Viper. This thing looks like a model when it's parked next to the Cold War jets.

This is the famous Vulcan "gattling gun", built and tested right here in Vermont by our good friends at GE.

On the other side of the drive, some nice "reciprocating mass" powered machines. We tried to look this one up when we got home, and couldn't find it in any of my reference books. Looks to be a Douglas, but I could be way off...

This is a Beech 18 unless I'm very much mistaken.

Ever wonder what the firing order on a Pratt and Whitney Wasp Junior is...

Here's the answer, 1,3,5,7,9,2,4,6,8, as well as valve lash and timing info.

The best for last, 'cause this is my favorite jet. Even if they didn't design it with machine guns from the start.

McDonnell F4 Phantom II

Every jet should have a tailhook. And down swept elevators. And two big ass engines.

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