Sunday, January 2, 2011

Military Displays

I just took a week off from work to do a little kitchen renovation with the help of my brother, Mark. We had a very productive week, so after the hard work, and sometimes harder celebrations, we took a day off to drive around and see what we could see.
I drive past Camp Johnson every day, and I've wanted to stop and look at their tank display, so this was a good day for it. Mark did a stint in the Army Guard and he's an avid war buff, so it's always great to tour these things with him.

Here, he's standing in front of an M1A1 Abrams Tank

This is the rifled barrel of the Abrams 120mm cannon

Standing in front of the M60 tank, which was replaced by the M1A1. Note how much taller this tank is than the Abrams.

155mm Mobile Howitzer

M46 Pershing

M7 Priest, a 105mm Howitzer mounted on a Sherman tank chassis. Called the Priest because of the "pulpit" right of the cannon.

There were several interesting vehicles that were not on display, just tucked away in a corner behind a building. We poked around these too.

This low green vehicle is a Soviet troop carrier.

This troop is about to gain ingress.

Ingress achieved!

This is a Quad 23mm Russian Anti Aircraft unit, captured in Iraq.

We couldn't figure out why the tire would say it in English, maybe it was made for export to a 3rd world country?

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