Monday, January 31, 2011

Another afternoon on the ice...

Matt and I spent another afternoon trying to dial in the jetting yesterday. Actually, we both made changes at home in the relative comfort of our garages, and tried them out, and the changes seemed to be spot on for both of us. I pulled my plug after several runs and it just looked better each time. So for what it's worth, it seems a 460 main and 65 pilot jet, with the needle clip set in the center (#3) position, is just what the doctor ordered.

Matt's bike has a Lectron carb, which is a different beast altogether. Semi-Flat slide, clear float bowl and the only jets you change are the pilot jets...

I also tried to make my rear tire grip a little better by repositioning the left side screws. Didn't work, the thing is still a bitch to ride. You have to hang off the seat and keep the bike straight up to get any traction. I'm getting too old to mess with that kind of compromise. I just want tires that work.

This is just a quick look at the ugliness.

We ran the oval "backwards" for a session and my rear tire actually worked better turning right. Didn't get any video of that though.

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