Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top Secret Project

Yeah, well, it's top secret except for the internet savvy, but you'll still have to guess what I'm building, unless you know already in which case, don't tell anybody.

I spent a few minutes wondering how I was going to round off the bottoms of these ogive nose cones.

I came up with a solution. A bench vice, a drill and some masking tape.

I was even going to cut out a form to use as a guide, but that would've been even more work. In the end I settled on the venerable TLAR method.

The next step was proving to be a little more of a challenge. I was working with a blueprint, but I had to scale it up, and I wasn't sure how to do that. Lot's of scribbling and fuzzy math ensued.

Then I asked Sandy if we had any graph paper...

Once again utilizing the TLAR method, I've made some progress.

Stay tuned for more OLAC build reports.

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