Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday night moto at Fred's

Good moto day today. I started with some work on the KTM, which actually didn't go too well but I'll deal with it later. To make up for that I finished up with the brake on the XT500 and roosted that around 69 Bixby Hill and environs. That's got to be a neighborhood pleaser.

Then I met up with Allen Martin and we went to Shelburne Museum for their motorcycle feature exhibit in the Round Barn. There were some very cool race bikes on display as well as some vintage stuff and some custom bikes (yawn). Actually, I must admit that I did want to see two of the customs, Roland Sands' build using one of Kenny Roberts' 5 cylinder MotoGP engines, and the Goldhamer boardtrack bike were there and I respect those guys, so it was cool to see those bikes.

Got home from that, made the requisite phone calls and got an evening ride in at Fred's moto track. I got to borrow Fred's CRF250R for the evening, that was a highlight that I'll replay in my mind for the next few nights. Light, fast, handling is very intuitive, it knows what you wanted to do and takes care of it. Thanks Fred!
So anyway it was Hannah, Seamus, Scott O and Jason, and me.

Here's Hannah coming into one of the nice 180% bermed sweepers.

Seamus and Hannah hitting the lower table-top into the two 90's and the two kickers on the back straight. This is one of the most fun, and fast, sections of the track.

Here Jay and Seamus are going through one of the 180 degree bowls.

And here Seamus is doing the transition from the upper section to the lower section with the nice uphill exit to the left.


  1. haha i thought we were stopping after the tabletop... next time lets photoshop it and make me look like im going fast


  2. No need for photoshop, next time you'll be faster.