Monday, August 24, 2009


Well I was hoping to post some sweet shots of me and Scott O. on the home track yesterday. We had a good session in the woods, opened up some new sections and had some good laps. I'll get some pics and vids next time.
Unfortunately, on our last lap I took a downhill section a little too fast, got a little crossed up on the trail and hit a tree trunk. The bike stopped but I kept going. I tried to hang on to the bike as it was going down, but momentum was having it's way with me so I could only listen as the bike fell, and I heard an expensive thunk when it hit the ground. It's funny, I knew that it would be expensive without having a clue about what actually broke.
Here's the damage.

The FMF "Gnarly" pipe and EE carbon fiber guard held up pretty well, but transferred the energy of the impact through the pipe mounting flange on the cylinder. The flange broke.

Side view

Front view

These are what clued me in. I found them on the ground, couldn't identify them at first, but figured it out quickly enough.

Once again I've found great information on ktmtalk.com about how to go about repairing this. The flange can be repaired to better than new, so I'm taking it off and sending it to Cali. This could be the right time for me to do some other upgrades...radiator guards etc.

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