Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday ride at Matt's

We had a great ride at Matt's place in Milton this Sunday. It hadn't rained in several days, so the trail had dried out quite a bit. Seamus and Scott O. and I had the trail to ourselves for the first loop. Then Matt's brother Jean-Paul and his buddy Randy showed up and came around for a loop with us. They're both fast riders, Jean-Paul has raced the Baja 500, it's not a good idea for me to try to keep up with him.
Anyway, it was nice of 'em to ride with us, they finished the loop and did another but we never saw 'em after they left us.
We did one more loop as well, and a few laps on the moto track and called it a day.
Here are some vids I shot. As usual, they don't give a good sense of the elevation change or degree of difficulty, but believe me, this stuff is harder than it looks.

This is Seamus dropping down to the "mud bridge". I just thought of that name, the bridge is really just some long narrow boards built on a frame that has been sunk into the surrounding bog. If you can manage to hit the bridge with your front wheel as you come off the steep hill, you'll probably get across just fine...Seamus makes it look easy.

Here's Scott doing it.

This is Sand Hill, we normally go up this hill but it's getting tougher to make it because of the deep ruts. I haven't ridden up it cleanly in a while. This time we decided to try it going down. Once again, the video doesn't capture the steepness, or the depth of those ruts. The top of the hill is probably another 50 yards and 30 feet above and beyond the trees where we enter here. Steep.

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