Saturday, July 3, 2010

A slow thrash...

When I was a spectator at Englishtown Dragway, I learned that the teams often had lots of work to do on the cars between races. They referred to that as "thrashing", which made sense, because they often had to work at a furious pace, swapping engines or repairing wrecked cars.
Well I'm not capable of working at that pace, but I do seem to leave plenty of work for the last possible minute on my race bikes. So I found myself last night putting the last few things together on #39. Oil & filter change, check. Fork oil change, check. Air filter clean and re-oil, check. New throttle and grips, check.
Then I decided to straighten the left footpeg, since it was looking a little flaccid. Pulled it off and started to straighten it in the vice, it snapped in two. Good thing it happened when it did, as opposed to the first attempt to bump start the bike!
Anyway, I had some old footpegs and I was able to codge up a repair that should hold for awhile.
Racing tonight at Jolly Roger! But I'm just the pit crew, Scott will handle the racing.

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