Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

After a night of beers and bench racing, we proceeded to Graniteville for round 3 of New England Mini Moto. (They ran round 2 while we were at JRM, getting our speed on.)
Scott raced in Sport Cup and XR100 Cup, while Bill raced in Vintage and XR100 Cup.

The racing was great, with some great battles between Bill and Scott, and Steve Baker.

For the first time in ages, I was struggling with jetting for the XR100. It was running way too lean, I jetted it up, then it was way too rich. Someone suggested I take a look at the needle position, and I discovered it was at the top clip...right where I mysteriously left it last year. Who knows why I do these things.

I finally got it close enough for Scott to be competitive, and he had a good time racing. He managed to scrape the pegs on the XR100, which I've never done. A big part of that is thanks to Matt Tanner, who very kindly left me a great 16" Metzeler tire to mount on the 16" front wheel we had from the early flat track days. Scott did the wrenching and got the front brake to work as well as the 19" that we took off.

Here's the new front brake, after a trip through the giggle weeds.

Bill in T1...

Scott in T1...

Aaron setting the grid.

Sport Cup grid waiting on the Green...

Here's some video of the XR100 Cup race, I ran out of memory during the race, shame, 'cause the racing got better at the end. And I know, I need a new damn camera, 'cause this video sucks.

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