Saturday, May 1, 2010

Richmond Work and Ride

Thursday was another work and ride day at the Richmond track. If I haven't mentioned it before, this track and trail system is now being maintained and managed by the Green Mountain Riders Club. The club seeks to build up their membership, with this facility being the primary riding area. There are close to 5 miles of trail opened so far, most of it is accesable with a tracked skidder, which will aid in grooming the trails.
The sand moto section that I've posted video of has been reconfigured and we're currently running it "backwards". and it flows quite nicely now. We tried out a small disc harrow on it as well as a chain drag and the result was very satisfactory. This will enable us to groom the track a little more often since we can pull it behind a quad.

This is Justin pulling the disc harrow.

This is me on the same section of track.

Post ride Magic Hat with Neil, Seamus.

Photos courtesy of Tom Butland.

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