Thursday, April 15, 2010

Richmond ups & downs

I met Rees at the Richmond track for some riding and trail scouting. It has dried pretty well since this past weekend, and it's just about perfect. The only problem is the sand, when it's this dry it gets really dusty, but the woods sections are perfect. We both reset our odometers and ran the full course, and both came up with 3.2 miles, which was about what I'd guessed it would be. We'll be opening up more trail soon, but we're also probably going to close a couple sections that are considered too dangerous and unsustainable anyway. So I shot some video of the longish hillclimb that will probably be deleted, as well as the down/sidehill section that is really cool but apparently won't hold up.
I shot Rees doing both sections first, then he was going to shoot me, but of course the camera batteries died....

This is the hillclimb, it starts well before you can see Rees, with a gentle rise and a couple turns, then gets steeper the higher you get.

This is the cool down/sidehill that we cut on Sunday. I'd guess there were 12 or 15 guys working on this section for well over an hour. It's a pretty steep hill and I guess the concern is that it's all going to wash away, but right now it's very rideable and very cool.


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