Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thursday Night Ride, Richmond

The Green Mountain Riders club hosted the first semi official "TNR" this past Thursday, with a decent turnout of Montshire members. Unfortunately, it rained a couple hours before the ride so we couldn't use most of the newer trails, just the sand loop, which is about a mile, and still lots of fun.
I rode for about an hour or so, but then I noticed that my bike wasn't turning very well. I finally decided to stop and see what was going on, and discovered that my front tire was absolutely flat. That put an end to the riding, so I decided to take some pics and vids...

Ray Atwood, in the blue jacket, was doing sound checks for us, to see how loud the bikes are and to ensure that we comply with noise regulations. We do.

This is a bunch of riders just getting onto the track. 3 short straights connected by 180 deg. berms, then an S turn that sets you up for a 90 deg left up the hill, under the powerline tower.

This is a view from the top of the sand/moto track. You'll see riders on the lower section negotiating the 3 short straights, the riders on the upper section have come out of the woods and will disappear down into a woods loop below.

Another view of the top.

This is what it looks like if I turn around. The riders come up out of the lower woods loop and head along the top of the hill, back into the upper woods.

Jason climbing the hill out of the lower woods section.

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