Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sandbar State Park

We got out on some clean ice at the sandbar today. Matt Cyr was out yesterday and established a pretty big oval for us, but couldn't join us today. Too bad, 'cause the day was perfect, hard black ice with almost no snow cover. Seamus, Rees and his son Cameron were out, as well as Denver Wilson on his Suzuki with Trelleborgs. Rees and Cameron were taking turns on whichever bike I wasn't riding. Good times.

I went out on the YZ, overcooked it on the first lap at the top of the straight, slid forever. But I got a few more laps in. Denver, Seamus and Cameron are doing laps as well.

This time I'm on the KTM, Seamus is on the KX and Cameron is on the YZ. He rode that bike really well, especially considering it's his first time on a big bike on the ice. He's in 8th grade.

These vids have been intermittant, hopefully google has solved the "availablity" problem.
Still intermittant as of Jan 30...,Feb 1...

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