Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ice time

I finally got out on some ice today. Had to drive down to Stone Pond in New Hampshire, but I'd say it was worth the drive. The local riders down there are pretty well organized, they started plowing an oval as soon as the ice would hold a plow-truck, and they started with a big oval, probably a little more than a quarter mile.
I got to run the YZ for the first time, I did two sessions on it with a plug check in between. It did pretty well I think. I need to soften up the rear shock a little bit, but everything else seems pretty well set.

Then I ran the rest of the day with the EXC and that was fun. Couldn't keep up with the big bore ice bikes, but it was fun trying.

Here are a few of the big ice bikes, The YZ490 was ridden by Cliff, the guy that also ran the plow today. The #5 CR500 belongs to Bruce Ward. There were some KX500s too, as well as a few modern 4 strokes.

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