Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice riding at the Sandbar, Helmet Cam

Well, I borrowed a helmet cam from Fred Bross, went back to the Sandbar and ran some footage. Didn't occur to me that I could've edited this as I was shooting, so the vid ran for 28 minutes. I've been trying to edit it down. Here's some oval time. I'll apologize now for the video quality, it really got hammered in the compressed mode for web.

This is Seamus on his KX500, Mike on his CR250 and Rees on Matt's 450EXC. I'm riding my 300EXC.

This is Cameron on Rees's 250. Once again, this kid is in 8th grade!

In this clip you hear Matt on his 450 before you see him. He takes several strafing runs at me, I had the inside line though. Then Mike joined and Matt waived off.

I was riding with my Garmin in my jacket pocket, recorded a max speed of 63.6 on the oval. I didn't think to reset the miles to determine the size of the oval, but I'd guess it was a good 1/4 mile.

Copy and paste these for uncompressed video



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