Monday, June 24, 2013

Quick Change cont'd

More work has been done on the quick change set-up. I got my axle back from Cheney Engineering with new spacers and a new hanger for the caliper. Jerry had proposed that I flip the brake disc on the wheel, so that the disc was closer to the spokes. I tried that but found that since the disc is only a 9.5" diameter, the caliper was too close to the spokes and contacted them on a regular basis. Not good. I repositioned the disc to the outside position and mounted the hanger, only to find that the lower half of the hanger interfered with the swingarm, and that I was going to need a spacer to get the caliper to center on the disc. Essentially, none of this stuff was going to be bolt on simple.
Fair enough. I put it aside until I had more time to deal with it, and as it happened, Charlie was hanging out on a Saturday morning and we attacked it together. (I think I'll need to get a sticker that says "Charlie Engineering" because he's been instrumental in getting this train wreck back on the rails.)

This is the modified caliper hanger. I had to cut the top of the lower section for it to clear the swingarm, and I had to add a piece of the cut material between the upper and lower sections as a spacer.

It still isn't spaced ideally, the disc isn't centered in the caliper, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get it any closer.

I decided to pull my old high pipe out of storage. I made this pipe several years ago, using left over pipe from my first low pipe project. I had a local welder finish it after I cut and measured the sections. I used an old XR100 pipe guard and some steel mesh to protect my leg from the pipe.
This was the easiest way to solve the interference problem with the brake pedal/low pipe.

I had this Supertrapp muffler lying around.

Charlie is the one who suggested I rotate the mounting tab closer to the frame to reduce the complexity of mounting the muffler. I mocked up the mounting strap with cardboard, then some light strap, and finally with some heavier scrap steel. I'm going to paint it.

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