Saturday, June 22, 2013

Father's Day Eve

I took last Saturday off to spend some time with family. Scott and Kira came up from Brooklyn, Hannah was home, so we packed a bunch of activity into a day, starting with a street ride. We met over at Fred's, where we joined Fred and his pal Jay. I was on Hannah's SV650, she was riding the Monster, and Scott and Kira were on my VFR. Jay was riding a KTM990 Adventure, and Fred was on his work-in-progress CBR500.

We stopped at the Dam on Rt 104 in Fairfax for a photo op, then headed through some very scenic roads that looped us back home for a pleasant 1 hour tour.

Next on the list was a hike up Snake Mountain in Addison. This is a moderately easy hike that rewards you with a fantastic 180 degree view of the Champlain Valley. Scott surprised us at the top with cold Miller High Lifes for all.

We wrapped up the day with a fire. Kira's sneakers get the bright on.

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