Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This past Sunday I made the annual trip to Montreal for the motorcycle show, this time accompanied by Sandy, Hannah and her b/f Charlie. It has become a fairly anticipated event, a nice way to see and sit on all the bikes you could ask for, and get thinking about the riding season. Occasionally I'll find a deal on gear, this year I bought some gloves since my racing gloves are starting to come apart.

An opportunity to sit on a full dress H-D without a salesman hovering nearby. Definitely the largest bike Hannah has handled.

Hannah had to get a picture of Charlie lusting after this "Sporty".

Hannah has been on a mission to decide what her next bike will be. I think she had pretty well made up her mind on the Triumph Daytona 675R, but I wanted her to at least consider the Street Triple, as well as some of the Ducati line up. Tough choices.

After the bike show, we had a quick lunch, then drove up to the Botanical Gardens. This has been a popular place to visit, especially in the winter, they have an extensive greenhouse complex. A pleasant way to spend a couple hours in a controlled environment.

The latest attraction for the greenhouses is a section that has butterflies and silk moths flying freely through the greenhouse.

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