Monday, February 11, 2013

But I'll still ride...

Sunday was a beautiful day to be out on the ice again, the sun was out and temps got into the teens or better. We'd got about 7 or 8 inches of snow on Friday night, so Matt stepped up with his yard truck to plow us an oval. The ice was in great condition under the snow, so we had a smooth 5th mile oval to run around on. As usual in Milton a few quads showed up and joined us on the track.

These photos were taken by Brett Macy, a super nice guy and avid photographer who happened to be driving by and saw us getting ready to go out. Thanks to Brett for sharing these on facebook.

Matt in his classic form, stretching that throttle cable.

Mike Kuebler on his air-cooled Suzuki 250.

Rees chasing me down.

Seamus threw some ice tires on this 2003 CRF450, said it was a blast to ride. I didn't get a chance on it.

Clean ice...

Rees was pushing pretty hard. Ultimately crashing a few laps after this photo. Unfortunately I was right behind him and couldn't avoid hitting his bike as it spun back across the track. We both walked away, but both bikes suffered some damage and were unrideable after the crash. His sub-frame, exhaust and rear fender took the hit and were mangled beyond repair, my handlebar hit the ice so hard it bent, and I've never seen a Renthal Fat-bar bend. My exhaust also got punched in.

The aftermath. Rees's bike doesn't look so good, I haven't even gotten up, Seamus arrives.

Unidentified quad rider. He was the first out on the track and thought he was running pretty fast. Till we all roosted him.

This photo shows all the ice chipped up from our tires. It gets deep enough that we have to plow it off...

or this happens...

Although to be fair, Matt was also pushing pretty hard, if he dialed it back a notch he wouldn't have crashed, but Matt doesn't dial it back on the ice very often, if ever.

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