Thursday, May 10, 2012

XR250R progress

I spent some time on the XR250R today. First order of business was repairing the wiring harness from the stator. It had been hacked into several times, and it was looking pretty sketchy. I suspected that it was part of the reason I was getting weak/intermittent spark, so I removed the stator and rewired it. Electricity is not my strong suit, and wiring falls in that category, so I'm not going to show you the "after" photo 'cause I didn't take one, but here's the "before" photo.

Next on the list was the seat cover. I got a replacement seat cover on eBay. Fred gave me some advise and loaned me his tools to do the job, which was very helpful.

The seat cover had been replaced at least once already, and that one had worn through and had been "repaired" with gaffer's tape.

I stripped the old seat cover off.

I wanted to take some foam out to lower the seat height a little bit. I used Fred's die grinder, an effective tool but tricky to use on seat foam. I was able to change the profile of the seat a little bit.

I didn't realize that the seat cover would show every fault in my die grinding work. Oh well...hopefully good enough for a dirt bike.

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