Saturday, May 19, 2012


Here's an X-ray of my hand, the scaphoid bone is the longish one between the thumb and the arm bone. It's healthy.

I'd rather not learn the names of bones in my body by having them X-rayed.

The reason for the X-ray was that a few weeks ago I crashed my KTM into a birch tree, pretty hard. Both my wrists were pretty sore from the impact transmitted through the handle bars, but the right wrist was still bugging me a week later. I did a little research and decided to at least determine if the scaphoid was fractured , since that's a common injury.

The report back was that I didn't break it, but I should take it pretty easy until there's no pain. I bought a brace that helped isolate the wrist and thumb and I wore it during the day for about two weeks, and I iced my wrist when I could remember to at night. It's not 100 percent, but it's feeling much better.

Racing tomorrow.

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