Friday, September 9, 2011

XC Trip

Hannah and I got back from our cross country trip Tuesday around 2:00 AM. Thanks to Sandy for staying awake to pick us up and listen to some of our stories, not to mention booking us rooms, holding down the fort and weathering the storm, and for making it possible for us to do this trip in the first place!

We left Vermont Saturday morning to meet Scott and Bill in Newburyport Mass. for lunch and a short ride up to Bill's place in Yarmouth Maine, which would be the launch point the next morning. Once we got to Bill's house we realized that we hadn't actually touched the Atlantic Ocean, so we hopped in his car and drove out to one of the many islands in the area to catch the sunset and skip some stones. Scott dominated the stone skipping part.

We got back to the house for some chicken and corn on the grille, a few cold ones and then it was bedtime. We got off to a reasonably early start next morning, with Bill escorting us into Casco Bay for the official Sea to Shining Sea ceremony, and then through New Hampshire before he had to turn around for other commitments.

Leaving Vermont

The meet up in Newburyport

Skipping stones into the Atlantic


The full Interceptor escort

Hannah on her way down for the "touching of the water" which must be done at the beginning of the journey.

More trip reports on the way.....

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