Saturday, September 10, 2011

XC Trip day 2

So, after bidding Bill fairwell we headed off to Rochester NY. As usual, I managed to screw up a turn and we took a somewhat more circuitous route through Vermont than we needed to, but once we got on course it was fairly easy going. We dodged a serious looking thunderstorm near Rutland, stopped for lunch in Whitehall, and then caught some rain past Syracuse, but no problems.

The next morning broke to beautiful skies and we headed off to Niagara Falls, riding along Lake Ontario for the first bit until that road ended and we had to move inland. Since Scott didn't have his passport with him, we stayed on the N.Y. side, which is the less desirable, esthetically. After lunch it was time to split up for good, Scott had to get back to the city, and Hannah and I were hoping to make Ann Arbor by early evening. All wet well on both ends, as he got back in decent time, and we made it to Ann Arbor with some daylight to spare, despite doing an extra lap through Hamilton Ontario due to road construction and poorly marked detour signs.

Laughing in the parking lot

Photo Op in front of Lake Ontario

Photo Op in front of tacky Niagara sign

Gassing up at the Esso station. We're not in the US anymore

The wind mills went on for probably 30-40 miles in Ontario

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