Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overdue race report

Hey, sorry to take so long to post a race report. The truth is, I had a cold (still do). I was in a fog (still sort of am). So was the bike. Together we didn't add up to much.
In fact we were just in the way.

The race was the last race of the season for NEMM, and it was also the debut of the new track, Boxshop Speedway, near Kezar Falls Maine.

The track will be great for NEMM. It's a bit longer than the Vermont track, not as much elevation change but still a difficult track. Narrow in certain sections and fairly fast. The dirt section was short but still had two kicker jumps, a table top jump and a nasty right hand berm that was a mix of sand and wheel deflecting/fork compressing rocks. We're talking baseball/softball size rocks. Hitting them with your 16" road tires was pretty fun.

Anyway, I raced in a few races, sucked, finished last. The XR wasn't happy with it's jetting and it let me know in very uncertain terms. I fiddled with it enough to make it finish the last race and then loaded it back on the truck. I might not look at it again for awhile.

One cool thing is there are some new "GP" classes to race. "GP" stands for "no dirt, thank you very much", so the GP classes can have road race bikes. Fun to watch.

Here's a Youtube link to the start of the GP80 race;

So the New England Mini Moto season is over, except for one more track day that I won't make, 'cause I'm racing that weekend at OVRP.
I think I finished 4th overall in the XR100 Cup for the season, which is better than last year where I was in a 3 way tie for 5th. Scott actually finished 3rd in Sport Cup, so that's cool.

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