Monday, August 2, 2010

Oakland Valley Raceway Park

I can't believe I only took one photo. Here it is.

So I'm hoping that I'll get some other photos/vids to supplement this, 'cause this was a great day, except for the fact that we got rained out after the heat races.

The track is a 1/5 mile packed dirt oval, slightly banked, and it's the smoothest dirt track I've ever been on. No Rocks. No bumps. Fast as hell.

Anyway, Scott and I got to race together for the first time in quite awhile, and now we're on pretty evenly matched bikes, since they're both XT500's. His needs a few things sorted before it will be perfectly even with mine, but it's pretty close right now. In fact once it is sorted out I'll have a much harder time keeping up. Can't wait.

We did manage to get the heat races in before the rain. I was in the first Vintage heat race, and ran away with it. Scott was in the second heat race, which was a little more stacked, and he got a 3rd place after a good pass about halfway through.

We were paired up in the Open Am heat race, and we had a pretty good race. I came off the line in 3rd behind a couple modern 450's, Scott had a bad start and was a little ways back in 4th. I caught the guy in second place, but I couldn't get around him. I tried a few times, but he just seemed to pull me on the straights. Scott caught us with a lap to go and we finished in that order, I got a 3rd, he got 4th.

Hope somebody else took some photos that I can use...

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