Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Grand Slam

I'm sure most of you are aware of it...the AMA Grand Slam...entails winning a National level Road Race, Mile, Half Mile, Short Track, and TT race. There are only a few (4?) racers over the years that have done it.
Well, I certainly can't expect to do it at this stage in my life, so I'm setting my goals just slightly lower. Specifically, I'd be satisfied to enter and compete in most of the sanctioned disciplines listed, and add a few that aren't.

I've already covered;
Short Track (Technically, an oval track shorter than a 1/2 mile, typically, a 1/4 mile)
Half Mile

That's it so far, but I'm excited about adding another event this weekend, TT. I've had the opportunity to do it in the past, but didn't have the right bike with me, so I suggested that NEMM and NEDTS run a joint effort at Pete's track in Winchendon, and they agreed.
I'll be racing the XR100.

I've got a secret plan in the works to get the Road Race event done, more on that later...

As far as events I'd like to add to the list, well I've already done some;
Hare Scramble
Ice Race

So the rest sort of becomes a "bucket list";
Drag Race
Land Speed Run

I'll pass on Hill Climb, those guys are crazy.

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