Friday, September 11, 2009

XR200R progress

Good news on the XR200, I finally got the front brake to (really) work. Hannah and I rode at Matt's track on Thursday. It was her first time there and unfortunately the front brake was just about useless. She still rode really well and learned a lot. We rode a short loop a few times and I'm sure she'll be ready for more of the track once she feels confident with the new brakes. I think the shoes were still seating into the drum, which caused some of the poor feel, but the main problem remaining was the brake lever and perch, which were mismatched and worn out. So I got a new lever and perch today, put it on and presto, brakes!
I also welded the new foot peg extenders, which make a huge difference. They add a 1/2 inch of width and almost an inch of length to the peg, as well as nice aggressive teeth to keep your boot on.


So here's how it looks now, not a huge difference from when we got it, but much more rideable, new handlebars and brush guards, skid plate, lower seat, peg extenders and some routine maintenance have made a big difference. I took it in the woods today to work on a new section and it was a blast. It's so light and easy to turn, and the power off the bottom is great. It's so much more than twice an XR100R...

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