Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thursday night ride at Kelly O's

Had a great ride at Kelly O's in East Orange this past Thursday. Scott was up from Crooklyn to see Hannah off, so he got to ride her XR200 and we truck pooled with Seamus. Kelly O's has some great hillclimbs and lots of medium fast woods singletrack. The XR200R held up really well all things considered. It did spit the chain off on one of the hillclimbs, but we were able to get it back on and sort of finish the loop.
My 300 is running well and I'm back to normal with it...I had started to get used to the big four strokes after riding Matt's 450 and Seamus's 400. It was weird getting back on my 300 and not being immediately comfortable, but I was fine on Thursday. I did turn back the rebound on the rear shock several clicks before the ride. Forgot to take notice while I was riding it but I realized after the ride that I felt a little better control in the woods and over some of the nastier roots, so maybe it did make a difference.

Since we didn't have much time before darkness, we didn't get a video. Photos are courtesy of Scott's iPhone.

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