Monday, July 20, 2009

XR200R groundwork...

I was able to spend some time on Hannah's new ride on Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised as I inspected the bike a little closer. I decided that the first area of concern was the rear wheel, there was a nasty squeal coming from there when I rode it around the yard, and I'd noticed at least one broken spoke. I was able to pull the bearings and found that only one is bad, on the hub side, because the seal is shot. So that was good news. I'll get a new seal and bearing, and when I replace them I'll see if I have some spokes that will work.

Here's one cool thing about XRs, the quick release for the rear brake. You just pull the spring tensioner forward to release the rod, the brake stay is built into the swingarm, and there's an extension on the lower section of the swingarm to hold the wheel/brake/axle assembly. You can switch the whole thing out in seconds if you have a spare. Tres cool.

A keen observer will also note the missing spokes in that photo.

Another nice find, they provided zurk (grease) fittings for the rear suspension. I don't think I've ever seen that on another dirtbike.

After a fresh plug, oil change and clean filter, I think we'll be able to ride it a little bit and see what needs the most attention. One thing I've noticed is that the steering stops are pretty conservative, I may grind them back some to get a better turning radius
I also modified/fabricated a side stand from one I took off of an older CB. Pictures to follow....

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