Thursday, March 19, 2009

Change is here!

Well, it's actually been here for a couple weeks, but now it's ready for the "internet rollout". Behold my new 2005 KTM 300EXC.

Since it has a headlight and taillight, I may make it street legal. It would take a little work, installing dual filament bulbs and switches for high beam and brake light, as well as installing a horn and DOT tires.

As you can see, it is registered, so that's half the battle. The bike came with all the right stuff, E-line carbon fiber pipe guard, Enduro Engineering brush guards and skid plate, a Scott's steering damper, FMF Q-Series silencer and gnarly pipe.
The damper was seeping, so I called Scott's Performance to see what I should do, they said send it in, they'll rebuild it and guarantee it for a year..for $50, so I sent it to 'em.

I rode it today at the track in Richmond, VT. The Richmond track is a combination of single and double track trails and a Motocross section. The terrain is mostly sand, even in the woods. The great thing about that is that it's rideable when most other tracks in the area are too wet. It's also somewhat challenging to ride, particularly the "Moto" section, it requires a little more commitment and technique to keep a decent pace.

My first impression, it's fast. I'm going to have to get used to the power. It's got a lot more punch down low in the RPMs than my '97 had. An inattentive or unintentional twist of the throttle could have bad consequences. I'm looking forward to getting the suspension set up to my riding weight, and I may fiddle with the powervalve springs to tone the engine down a bit.

But I'm happy with it.

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