Monday, March 2, 2009

Adios Bandito

It was a great relationship. This bike never let me down. I bought it in Feb of '03 in preparation for Scott's High School graduation trip the following year. We made the journey from Portland Head, Maine to San Fransisco with stops at Niagara Falls, Chicago, the Badlands of South Dakota, Yellowstone, Park City and Reno, as well as a few other towns along the way.

PCH...Somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway, Scott behind the Bandit.

Group shot as we get ready to depart Park City, Scott, Uncle Richard, Me.

Last year I used the Bandit to commute to work, I never really had time to take it for any trips, or even day rides. Why? Because I'd discovered the wonders of singletrack woods riding on my KTM, and I found that more enjoyable than road time on the Bandit.
After some long soul searching, I decided it was time for some changes. Sell the '97 KTM and the '97 Bandit and get a newer KTM. I'll commute on the '76 Bonneville, which hasn't seen the light of day since 2004.

Change is a'comin...

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