Monday, March 17, 2014

Why We Ride

It's still cold here in Vermont! We had a recent warm spell, followed by a pretty good Nor'easter that dropped about a foot of snow on us, along with some arctic temperatures. There was still enough interest in ice riding among the hard core, so Aaron Gibson went out on the resident tractor and started plowing a new track. It was tough going at first, he started Saturday afternoon and the snow was still dense and wet, with slush underneath. Overnight, the temperature dropped to the low teens, and Sunday the plowing was a little easier, but still a big job. I was following behind with the 6 wheeler atv plow, trying to get down to clean ice with the help of Randy, who was acting as front end ballast and plow actuator. Ultimately we were able to scrape out a shorter road course, and 5 of us, Rees, Aaron, Chuck, Charlie and I raced around for a few hours, Randy hadn't brought his bike.

Charlie, about to get some helmet-cam vid.

This is Chuck giving his son a taste of ice riding.

Aaron, getting faster.

Charlie, getting faster too.

We learned (from Randy) that Roadside Motorsports was hosting a preview showing of the new documentary movie "Why We Ride", at one of the local multiplex's. So after riding a bunch of laps, we loaded up and headed to the theater. Charlie missed it due to time constraints...

Once we were in our seats at the theater, Roadside held a little raffle and I won this copy of the movie we were about to see.

They had also invited one of their customers to speak about "Why We Ride", I didn't catch his name. He said that after some thought about the topic he supposed that it was because of (or for) the "freedom" of it. That theme was echoed in the documentary a couple times. I just have to say, I don't know what that means. I don't think of myself as being more free when I'm on a motorcycle. I guess I have the freedom to pop a wheelie on the street, and if I get caught I'll have the opportunity to explain my freedom to the cop and ultimately the traffic court judge.
I can think of lot's of reasons why I ride, but freedom ain't one. No offense to the guest speaker, or anyone who does understand the freedom part.
Anyway, the movie. Why We Ride starts with motorcycling scenes from just about all segments of the sport, and sort of morphs into the typical format of a narrator introducing some of the great concepts of riding and racing motorcycles, with vignettes of interesting people explaining why they ride/race. Some of these vignettes are pretty funny, some a little more serious. There were a few things that I haven't seen or didn't know much about, so I saw some new stuff.
I won't say more, I'll let you decide. You can borrow my copy anytime or see it on the big screen at The Palace 9 Theatre on Shelburne Rd. or a theater near you.
Incidentally, I was the only guy to show up at the theater with a dirtbike in the back of my truck...

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