Monday, May 6, 2013

Ducati roll-out

This past Friday, Hannah and I attended the Ducati Vermont Launch Party, put on by CyclewiseVT.com for the launch of the new 2013 Hypermotard 796. At least I think it was for that bike...but more on that later.

We had received instructions to meet at the Staples Plaza at 6:00, where we would get arm bands in support of the Boston Marathon victims, and ride en-masse down to the waterfront where the party was. I will say it was kind of fun riding down Main Street in Burlington surrounded by Ducatis. Its the only time so far that I've ridden the VFR and not been able to hear it because it was drowned out by the other bikes around me.

Once we parked the bikes and took off helmets and gear, it was a very comfortable evening and I recognized a few people in the crowd. It was always nice to answer the question "So, do you ride a Ducati?" with, "no, but this is my daughter, she has a Monster". She got a lot of respect.

This was a section of the bikes that showed up, dig the yellow 900 Superlight.

I even had a few people comment on the VFR, so I didn't feel totally left out on a Japanese bike.

Once we had some snacks, the party moved inside to the Echo Center, which is a fishy museum/educational center, where there were several new Ducatis strategically placed around. There was a DJ playing loud and tedious dance tracks, and the lights were dimmed to create more atmosphere...not sure what kind of atmosphere they were hoping for, maybe I'm too old to get it, but the room filled in pretty quickly so I guess it worked.

After a while they did in fact roll out the Hypermotard, as well as a Super something or other, we were stuck in the back of the room and couldn't really hear over the Techno-dance music or see much over the heads of all the 6+ foot tall Ducatisti. It didn't take too long for the crowd to disperse enough for me to get close enough to take this lousy picture...

So after the not so climactic climax, Hannah and I walked up the street for a quick bite, then took the long way home. It was a very nice evening. I want a Ducati.