Saturday, December 1, 2012

Me, racing

I find it very difficult to take pictures of myself while I'm racing. This is an old problem, shared by many racers. Often, family members can help, but sometimes not.
So in these situations it's nice to have a track/event photographer around. Some are better than others, and I've never felt particularly compelled to support the ones that can't seem to frame a photo, or pay attention to the background, or who lack imagination and simply click away at a thousandth of a sec. and lay out their "product" for sale at the next race. To quote a recent TV ad that cracks me up with the grammar while being very succinct, "buy 'em or don't".

Well with that intro, here are a few pictures that I did in fact choose to buy. The selection was somewhat limited this year, since I only attended a few races, but at least there's some variety.

This was at the Stateline Harescramble. It looks like I have a mustache, it's a dirt mustache. Gross.

A different vantage point at the same Harescramble. Good thing the photographer was ready, 'cause I was really flying through this section. (Sarcasm). The #39 is on because I raced this bike in Supermoto in Maine earlier this summer. The Harescramble requires their own numbering system, which is why I have a hand written 4861 number on the front of the bike. That number is assigned to a transponder on my chest protector, and when I complete a lap and ride through the control station, I can see my progress (how far behind I am) on a digital display above the exit gate.

This is at Lebanon Valley Speedway. One of two times this season when I was ahead of Nick Wiemer for at least part of a lap. Inconsequential, since he was ahead when the checkered flag dropped, but still....

And finally, here I am at Electric City Riders, once again going so fast that the other guy doesn't get himself into the picture, just his front wheel and number plate. I'm going to look into a chest mount for my GoPro, so I don't look like a Teletubbie racing around.

Footnote in the FWIW category, my final official result in the Stateline Harescramble was 5th in class, not 7th as reported earlier.

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