Saturday, September 29, 2012

Closing the loop...

This past weekend Hannah and I made our way back to Maine to "close the loop" on our unfinished mission from the cross country trip, namely to pour the Pacific Ocean water we collected into the same spot that Hannah visited when we embarked on the trip last year.

The only thing that made it difficult was that this time when we got to the very spot, it was high tide, so the rocks she had clambered down to were under about 4-5 feet of water!

After the water was poured we rode into Portland and had a Black Fly Stout at Gritty's Brewpub. That stout is really sensational, and worth a trip from wherever.

A brief stop on the Kancamagus Pass.

Two of these bikes started the XC trip, only one completed it.

Tucked in for the night at Bill's, along with his YZ250 and a couple vintage Yamaha's.

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